At Sanders Brothers, safety is a core value

But what does that mean?

We've created a safety training center at our headquarters and modeled industry-leading training for all employees. Not a single worker arrives at a job site until they have spent a significant amount of time addressing safety topics.

Our Critical Six program focuses on fatality prevention, and infuses a safety-first mentality into every team member, every day.

Subcontractors or temp employees – folks we might know for only a short time – get 15 to 20 hours of in-depth training.

Led by our experienced corporate safety director, Sanders Brothers training utilizes best practices from construction, manufacturing and aerospace to turn every worker into their own best advocate.

In addition to training on processes and procedures, we focus on the company's equipment – ensuring every operator is steeped in knowledge. Our processes are fully compliant with all local, regional, state and federal requirements.

Working safe benefits customers, employees, and the community. Come be a part of our safety culture.