How do you control the schedule?

Because Sanders Brothers handles all projects in-house – from start to finish – we ultimately CONTROL the schedule. There's no opportunity for sub-contractors to throw a wrench in your job. If we say it will be done on time, it will. Period.

Your prices seem low; does that affect quality?

By handling all aspects of your job in house, Sanders Brothers is able to cut out lots of middlemen. We benefit by controlling the quality of our work (which also benefits you), and by controlling our investment, our equipment, and our time.

Do you guarantee your work?

We typically build a warranty period into every job, because we stand behind our work.

Where can I see your past jobs?

Drive just about everywhere in the tri-county region, and you'll see our work. From River Road to the Crosstown, from The Ponds to Coosaw Creek. Our site gallery also showcases some of our expertise.